Reliable Delivery For Pharmacy Prescriptions

Trellus is ideal for managing prescription deliveries and routing multiple drop-offs. Our efficient delivery platform saves valuable time, allowing you to serve patients and customers with timely and reliable medication access.

Your local customers already look to their neighborhood pharmacy for expertise and personalized service. When you offer Same-Day Delivery by Trellus, they’ll also look to you for time-saving convenience. Provide another incentive for customers to shop at your local pharmacy over the big chains. Gain access to Trellus’ on-demand drivers through an easy-to-use platform, and help your busy customers get better care more conveniently.


Pharmacy Deliveries


Local Pharmacies


Succes Rate


Commission Fees

Receive up to $50 in free delivery credits!

Batching Deliveries

There’s a smarter way to elevate customer deliveries. Trellus enables you to add multiple drop-off points to “batch” together multiple orders. Our technology identifies the most efficient delivery route to save you time and money.

What Our Pharmacies Are Saying

Trellus helps these small businesses and many more during their busiest times of year!

“Trellus is easy-to-use, precise, and provides an excellent service. I recommend Trellus for all pharmacy delivery needs.”

  • Michael Piampiano

    PharmD & CEO

E-commerce Integrations & API

Same-Day Delivery by Trellus offers an integrated delivery option for Shopify, WIX and WooCommerce. If you are not using one of these it’s not a problem! We can walk you through the steps to offer same-day delivery at checkout and still use our delivery HUB to purchase and print delivery labels.

The Trellus API is a RESTful web service for developers and integrations to programmatically interact with their Trellus account data and Delivery management functionality.

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