Team - Trellus


Trellus is a team of business owners helping small and home-based businesses, retailers, and professionals leverage same-day local delivery to save time and money. Trellus has created an integrated same-day delivery system that makes it possible to provide fast, reliable local delivery to customers and clients. We understand the importance of small and home-based businesses to our local economy and want to keep jobs, sales, and services in our community. There has never been a more urgent time where businesses need to adapt to current conditions and embrace the convenient technologies their customers want.

Trellus is here to help you get your products and offerings to your customers SAME-DAY!

Adam Haber


CEO / Sales & Business Development

Brian Berkery


COO / Operations & Marketing

JR Jensen


CTO / Creative & Technology

Colleen Bellise

Community Director

Justin D’Ottavio

Lead Developer

Russell Cloughen

Sales Director

Tony Hicks

Account Executive

Gilbert Consuegra

Driver Network Director