Locally Delivered: A Same-Day Delivery Webinar by Trellus
⚠️ Trellus will be closed for all deliveries on Christmas Day and New Year's Day so our staff and drivers can enjoy the holidays with their families. Happy and Healthy Holidays.

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[Re-Cap] Episode 2 – Locally Delivered: Amplifying Your E-commerce Business Webinar


Watch the webinar below for a discussion on the current digital landscape, what’s at stake for small businesses, and what you can do to amplify your e-commerce business.

In this Webinar, “Amplifying Your E-commerce Business,” we discuss:

  • The current e-commerce landscape and what’s at stake for small businesses.

  • An overview of the latest Trellus features to maximize your Same-Day Delivery offering and revenue potential.

  • Marketing essentials and how to draw your customers’ attention to a new service, like Same-Day Delivery.


JR Jensen


CTO / Creative, Technology & Product

Steve Blau

Webinar Host

Client Success Director

Episode 1